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walk into clarity

Mindfulness Walking combines an optimal walking technique with core mindfulness skills to help you calm the mind, energise the body and connect with nature.

You will learn to train and quieten a busy mind whilst benefiting from an active walking workout. When practised, Mindfulness Walking is joyful and uplifting and can bring you calm and peace in a busy, stressful world.

Whether you already apply mindfulness to your everyday life or are completely new to the concept, Mindfulness Walking brings an extra dimension to both your walking and your mindfulness practice.

The Mindfulness Walking Academy currently offers sessions in Wiltshire, Gloucestershire and London, and new to 2024 a series of three day retreats in rural Herefordshire. 



The overarching concept of Mindfulness Walking is that it will calm the mind and energise the body. It combines the fundamentals of mindfulness with a simple walking technique that teaches you to walk more effectively and more efficiently. Performed correctly, it can improve your posture, clear your mind and bring you to optimum fitness.


Mindfulness is exercise for the mind. It builds up specific mental muscles, one of which is concentration. Concentration is the ability to choose what we want to pay attention to. Mindfulness teaches us that we do not have to let our minds be unconsciously hijacked by whatever comes along. When life gets stressful, we don’t have to wait for external circumstances to change. We can change our internal circumstances immediately by paying attention to a different part of our experience. We do this by using a homebase - a simple sensation that we focus on, such as the breath, our senses or a point in the body.


In Mindfulness Walking, the way you walk becomes the homebase. Your body will be moving fluently and effortlessly, and this becomes your focus. When you are moving at your optimal pace using optimal technique, you will feel you are 'in the zone'. Your mind feels clear and calm. You can then access your senses and appreciate the nature around you.


Mindfulness Walking is a practice which individuals can use in their everyday life to allow them to manage stress and anxiety, and to find greater happiness and a sense of calm. Through Mindfulness Walking you can learn to bring your mind into the present moment, where you are not dwelling on the past or projecting into the future, but just BEING in the now.


As your mind and body connect, you will literally walk into clarity...

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